PSA: PlayStation Network Down For “Significant Maintenance”

We’ve received a couple of emails asking us if their PS3 is broken because they can’t sign in to the PSN – don’t panic, your PS3 is fine (probably). Sony has just decided to take down the US PSN for “significant maintenance”.

After postponing the maintenance from Thursday (a day where most people are out), Sony have changed the time till now (a day where most people are off and can play games). The maintenance has just begun, and should last until around 2am Pacific (5am Eastern) on Monday. It differs from normal maintenance as, if you were signed in already, you’ll still be signed out. You won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, Account Management or play online, and will probably get the error code 80710016.

No reason was given for the massive downtime, or why they put it on a day where a lot of people play online, and one that was meant to be a double XP day for Killzone 3.

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