New PSN Game For PlayStation Move, Datura, Announced

A new PSN title for PlayStation Move has been announced by the team behind Linger in Shadows.

On the PS Blog, Plastic Studios Game Director Michal Staniszewski announced Datura, a PSN title that uses the PlayStation Move controller. Datura puts players in a mysterious forest, where they’ll use the PS Move controller to control the character’s hand. Staniszweski says the game has a unique experimental narrative and an original way of interaction that gives players the illusion of touching trees, faces, and other objects.

Datura‘s story has been described as one that players will get to physically participate in. They’ll encounter choices and face the consequences of those choices.

Datura will be available to play at the PlayStation booth at GDC from March 7th to the 9th, and we’ll be sure to give it a go.

The game will be released exclusively on the PlayStation Network later this year. Early footage for the game popped up on YouTube last year:

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