Sorcery To Last 5-6 Hours, DLC Being Discussed

The PlayStation Move’s biggest standalone game is set to come out in a few months, finally giving the motion peripheral a promising fully-fledged title. Unfortunately, you won’t be playing with your Move for too long, as Sorcery will be on the short side.

At GDC 2012, the developer, The Workshop, revealed to us that the game will last 5-6 hours, sadly a length that is becoming more and more common in the games industry. Of course, as Sorcery doesn’t have online capabilities, the short campaign is all the more painful. But more content is on the way as the developer said that they are discussing DLC plans, although they have no current plans.

Sorcery is out on May 22nd exclusively for the PS3. Will you be picking the game up when it releases? Let us know in the comments below.

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