Vita Ad Musician Gives Royalties To Anonymous

Anonymous might be feeling a little down after one of their most important members made a deal with the FBI to help capture other hackers. But Atari Teenage Riot’s Alec Empire has some news to cheer them up – he’s donating all the money from he got from his music playing in the #NeverStopPlaying Vita ad to support their ’cause’.

You can hear the tiny bit of ‘Black Flags‘ in the Vita ad below:

So why did Empire give his money to Anonymous? He explained on his blog:

Some might think it was an evil capitalist greed thing,

others will argue it was some Jesus Christ sacrifice thing,

but let’s not overcomplicate this…

I did it only for my own amusement!

The musician previously had a disagreement with Sony after the company used his music in a South East Asian camcorder advert without his permission back in 1999, and, even though he settled out of court, he “never felt they paid what they owed.”

He also explained why he had waited until now to reveal this, saying he wanted to make sure Sony couldn’t stop the ad and the royalties.

cross checked they can’t stop the track from appearing in the OWS online clips of ATR/Anonymous etc… which makes it even more fun.

Yes, I already got some hate, some even attempted to troll me (on Facebook???)….

but you know what?

I don’t care because it just FELT V E R Y GOOD! HAHA

The money will go to FreeAnons, a group that tries to help those being prosecuted for hacking as part of Anonymous.