Day One Move Support Confirmed for BioShock Infinite

Sure, support for the PlayStation Move has been a bit weak since the better part of last year – heck, even Sony’s willing to admit it – but it looks like that will change very soon, as Irrational Games’ Ken Levine has just confirmed that BioShock Infinite will feature Move support upon launch.

We’ve known that the game would be supporting Sony’s motion-based control scheme ever since Levine made the announcement at Sony’s E3 press conference last year, but whether it would be available immediately out of the box had not yet been confirmed.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Levine discussed the difficulty in trying to explain how Move support would be implemented in Infinite, saying that you just have to get your hands on it to appreciate the how it enhances the experience.

Talking about Move support is like talking about music. It’s hard to do. You’ve got to put the thing in somebody’s hand and say, ‘here’s our Move support. How does it feel to you?’

We’re definitely going to be doing that at some point. But it’s hard to talk about because it’s like, ‘hey, does it feel good? Does it feel right? Does it break down barriers of interface for you?’

That’s the goal of Move, right? It’s to make you forget you’re playing with a controller. It’s to make that much more transparent. The proof’s going to be in the pudding.

Look for BioShock Infinite when it launches on October 16th.