Crytek Confident that Homefront Sequel “Can Make a Big Splash”

While the first Homefront title didn’t do all that well in the eyes of critics, there is still plenty hope for the franchise, as Crytek seeks to revitalize the series with the sequel.

Despite the mediocre reviews, the first game sold pretty well, selling an impressive one million units in its first week. Kaos Studios, the team behind the original was shut down after release, but THQ brought on the talent of Crysis developer Crytek. The top-notch FPS developer is confident that they’ll be able to change the critical perception of the franchise by capitalizing on the strengths of the series.

At GDC, spoke with Crytek’s Avni Yerli and Nick Button-Brown, where the two shared the following:

It has a huge mind share, everybody knows the IP.

The first game has indeed a low Metacritic, but due to really great positioning and great marketing it has reached a good mind share. And I think with Crytek quality attached to it and similar marketing attached to it, it can make a big splash at the time it comes out.

When you look at the world they created in the first game and the world that they were talking about for the second game, the setting they were talking about… obviously we can’t talk about it yet, but it’s really cool.

For more information on Homefront 2, keep it locked to PlayStation LifeStyle.