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God of War’s True Ending Can Be Easily Missed, Here’s How to Make Sure You See it (Spoiler Free)

God of War has both what I would call a soft ending and a true, defined ending. God of War just launched to the public after receiving critical acclaim last week, we we’re definitely not here to spoil the ending of the game or any massive moments. What we do want is to make sure that people don’t overlook the true ending to the game when it’s so easy to miss. It took me days after finishing the game to realize that I hadn’t actually finished it up after all.

We’re not going to be talking any specifics or details at all, so bear with us as we attempt to talk circles around how to reach the true ending. If you don’t want to be spoiled at all, leave now. Come back when you’ve hit that soft ending (you’ll know it when you get there) and we’ll guide you through to the true ending. Enjoy this stunning photo mode image of Kratos separating you from how to get the God of War secret ending.

God of war photo mode

How to Get the God of War Secret Ending

At the end of the journey, there will come a moment when the game feels quite complete. You’ll see credits and the open world will allow you to continue to explore. This may seem like the post-game, but there is one more ending to see.

Head back to Kratos and Atreus’s house from the beginning of the game (there’s a fast travel doorway nearby you can use to get back quickly) and head inside. Go over to the bed and press circle to enjoy the final scene.

Wait through the credits and you will be put back in the post-game open world with a final bit of dialogue that furthers the mystery present in this secret ending, while tying into themes and points brought up elsewhere in the game. Congratulations, now you’ve truly completed the main God of War campaign. Time to journey back out into Midgard and beyond to clean up those unearned trophies and get that sweet endgame armor.

Don’t miss the preview of the God of War photo mode, coming soon in a free update to the game. You can also read our review, but if you’re already playing the game, you know just how great it is. Cory Barlog also shared the emotional moment that he first read the God of War reviews when embargo lifted.

God of War is available now exclusively on PS4.