God of War Director Cory Barlog Gets Emotional Reading Reviews, Reminding Us That it’s People that Make Games

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that behind video games are people, people who work hard and pour their life into the project they are working on. Five years ago, Cory Barlog began the journey of developing God of War PS4, which is now launching all around the world. During that time, he and the team at Sony Santa Monica took some risks to evolve Kratos and the series. Now we know that God of War is beloved by critics and fans alike (it’s the highest-rated PS4 game on Metacritic), but before the embargo lifted, Barlog was waiting with nervous anticipation.

Using his laptop webcam, he recorded himself as the embargo lifted and he went to look at the reviews, but this was anything but a casual moment for the God of War Director. This moment was the culmination of the last five years of his life, his heart and soul put out into the world to be judged. As Barlog first glimpses the high scores for the game, he begins to tear up. He even watches the Metacritic average tick up from 93 to 94 (the game now sits at a 95).

“I didn’t fuck it up,” he says at one point. For Barlog, God of War is far more than just a job. God of War is a piece of him–the last five years of his life–that he presented to the world. To come out on the other side of that and see his work pay off in the appreciation and joy of all those who play it must be an incredible feeling, and we thank Cory for sharing his moment of vulnerability with everyone.

As he watches the God of War reviews pour in, Barlog reminds us that video games are made by people with hearts, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Often these people dedicate years of their lives to a project in the pursuit of creating something not only meaningful to themselves, but also something that will resonate with players. It’s impossible to please everyone though, and every developer faces this same apprehension when approaching critique of their own products. Whether we’re praising the game or offering meaningful constructive feedback of the content, remember the developers that put a piece of themselves into what they created.

God of War is available now in almost all regions (if it’s not live for you yet, it’s just a matter of hours!).