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PSLS Game of the Year Awards 2018 Best Adventure Game

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Game of the Year 2018 Awards – Best Adventure Game Winner

Let it take you on a journey.

god of war valkyries

What Made the God of War Valkyries So Good

Annoyingly hard, but brilliant nonetheless.

god of war ragnarok

God of War: Rewriting Ragnarok

The end of all things, eh? I wonder what Kratos thinks about that.

cory barlog next project

Warcraft Director Says Cory Barlog’s Next Project Is His True Magnum Opus

Could it beat out even God of War?

God of War Glitches

Official God of War Glitch Video’s Full of Humor and Honesty

Glitch of War

cory barlog pax south

God of War’s Cory Barlog Planning a ‘Storytime’ PAX South 2019 Keynote

PAX South takes place in January 2019.

The Walking Dead Final Season

The Walking Dead: The Final Season May Continue, Igniting Excitement and Outrage

No promises though.

Cory Barlog

Dev Spotlight: Cory Barlog

The man, the myth, the legend behind the God of War.

superman game pitch

God of War Director Cory Barlog Shares His Pitch for a Superman Game

Cory Barlog’s pitch sounds like everything a Superman game would require.

God of war atreus

Cory Barlog Reveals That He Wanted to ‘Give up Many Times’ During God of War’s Development

Atreus landed on the chopping block several times.

kratos in shovel knight

Cory Barlog Said Kratos in Shovel Knight is Canon

Ok, sure! Why not?

God of War Kratos

Cory Barlog Initially Pitched ‘Dad Bod’ Kratos for God of War

Kratos with a Dad bod seems like a sight worth seeing.

god of war narrative

Reinventing Linear Narratives: How God of War Changed Video Game Storytelling

BOY! Reinvent that narrative!

God of War Novelization Book 1

God of War Novelization Written by Cory Barlog’s Father, Available to Pre-Order

Relive the story from another angle.

god of war director

God of War Director Doesn’t Want to Work on Games That Don’t Have Some Kind of Story Mode

Stories are the draw for him.

God of war cast voice actors

Cory Barlog Asks the God of War Cast Odd Questions, Like ‘Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?’

Pineapple on pizza? Find out what Kratos thinks!

God of war future

Cory Barlog Has Five More God of War Games Mapped Out in His Head

Planning so far ahead to lay the narrative foundations for each game

God of war Cory Barlog Review Reaction

God of War Director Cory Barlog Gets Emotional Reading Reviews, Reminding Us That it’s People that Make Games

A moment five years in the making.

God of war atreus

God of War Almost Had Atreus, Kratos’s Son, Cut Early in Development

Sony was apparently worried about the cost of developing his part in the game.

god of war collectors edition

Listen to God of War’s Full Soundtrack and Watch Kratos Unbox the Collector’s Edition

Learn how Bear McCreary composed the game’s music.