Cory Barlog Confirms Christianity is Part of God of War’s World

Even before God of War 2018 was revealed, fans mused about what pantheon of deities the god-killer could take on after wiping out essentially the entire Greek deific structure. Could he take on their Roman equivalents, gods that the planets are named for? What about exploring Egyptian mythology? Of course, we now know that Kratos moved on to the Norse/Scandanavian realms, attempting to live out the remainder of his days in relative peace before trouble came knocking. But it begs the question: If the Greek and Norse pantheons exist within this same universe, what other religions and mythologies have laid down roots in Kratos’ world? Cory Barlog has confirmed that Christianity is indeed a part of God of War’s world, though that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll ever see a Jesus and Kratos showdown.

Barlog confirmed the information in a reply to a tweet asking him if Christianity was “just another verse in God of War.”

“It’s part of the world, yes,” he replied.

Barlog’s answer shouldn’t really come as any surprise given that numerous hints in the God of War games indicate the presence of gods across many beliefs, religions, and mythologies. In fact, all the way back at the beginning of 2018, Barlog hinted that the team had explored ways to incorporate Christian beliefs into the game as far back as God of War II. Now it’s confirmed that Kratos’ world includes Christianity in some form, whether or not Kratos will ever come into direct contact with it.

Given Kratos’ new direction in 2018’s God of War, however, if Christianity is ever implemented into the games more directly than just vague hints and tweet confirmations, don’t expect Kratos to start with the wanton murder of biblical figures. Rather, it could provide an interesting way to present biblical events like Noah’s ark, Moses’ parting of the Red Sea, David and Goliath, and even the rapture itself. While Christianity may not exactly have a wide pantheon of disposable gods, the bible is full of fascinating stories that could make for some epic backdrops for future Kratos adventures.

Moreso, I think this is just Barlog leaving the door open and contextualizing Kratos’ multi-denominational world, as opposed to him making any kind of confirmation that God of War is about to start ripping pages from the bible for the next game’s script. God of War 2018’s own story confirms that certain gods have traveled across to other realms and belief structures, so it’s not surprising to learn that one of the biggest religious institutions in the world is represented to some degree within the God of War universe.