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God of War Devs Previously Discussed Moving Kratos to Christian Beliefs

In an interview with Game Informer about moving moving the God of War series to Scandanavian mythology, Creative Director Cory Barlog brought up discussions that had happened between he and David Jaffe about the original vision for where the series would move to. One interesting bit of information that came up in these discussions was the possibility of moving Kratos into Christian religions after graduating him from Greek mythology.

“[David Jaffe and I] had several discussions where it was like the thought of Kratos graduating on and connecting into, even sort of Christian religions and connecting it. There’s the three wise men going toward the star of Bethlehem in the image at the end of God of War 1.” Barlog said. [Editor’s Note: This mural/image actually appeared in God of War II]

According to Barlog, David Jaffe had “a bunch of thoughts” about where he wanted God of War to go, and he actually seeded many of those ideas into the game. “Even in the first game, it felt like Dave had a lot of avenues of all the places you could go, kind of like somebody who goes in and touches all the food and says ‘Nobody after me can make any decisions or have any of this because it’s all mine.’ But yeah, he had a bunch of thoughts.” The timeline puts these conversations at some time during God of War II’s development, which was right around when Jaffe left Sony Santa Monica.

It’s not clear if the Christianity idea was explored again more recently when Santa Monica Studio and Barlog looked to evolve the franchise, but the foundation has been laid if they every want to move God of War in that direction. It wouldn’t be the first time a game has explored Christian mythology. Visceral’s Dante’s Inferno was loosely based on the first canticle of Divine Comedy, which has a lot of Christian elements.

There’s a lot of information coming out about God of War this month, including an in-depth look at boats and how they impact the game. Learn why the jump button was removed, why Cory Barlog was chosen to come on and shake things up, and about the additional geographical landscapes and mythological eras that future games could cover. Do you think Kratos should ever make the jump to Christian mythology? How do you think a God of War Christian game work?

[Source: Game Informer]