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God of War ‘Who Blew The Horn?’ Question Memed by Cory Barlog Again

Cory Barlog has joked about the infamous “Who blew the horn?” question for the God of War reboot. Players are still wondering who used the horn to summon the World Serpent, Jormungandr, something that God of War Ragnarok fails to answer. The creative director at Santa Monica Studio has decided to poke fun at the mystery, though some believe it’s really a plothole, in a tweet featuring a photo of him and actor Mark Ruffalo.

We may never know who blew the horn in God of War

In a tweet, Barlog admittedly joked about telling Ruffalo the secret of who blew the horn, with the actor not caring or ignoring the issue entirely.

Back in November 2022, Barlog stated that this mystery would be solved “one day” and that he would “be coherent enough to actually create the moment to answer [it].”

If we take what says at face value, the answer is not Kratos from the future or even Baldur, which he admits was a “misdirection” and that “the real answer has a clue hidden somewhere out in the world.”

One leading candidate is Angrboda or someone in her family from Ragnarok given that they understand The World Serpent’s speech and want to see Atreus fulfill the prophecy anyway.

In the meantime, Santa Monica Studio has addressed puzzles in Ragnarok being spoiled too quickly by companions.