god of war who blew the horn

God of War ‘Who Blew the Horn?’ Question Will Be Answered ‘One Day’

Fans will “one day” finally get an answer to the big God of War “Who blew the horn?” question. With Ragnarok now out in the wild and players starting to complete it, many will note how the game doesn’t answer who exactly blew the horn during the events of the 2018 reboot when Atreus was sick. Seemingly a plot hole, fans have been pestering developer Santa Monica Studio for an answer.

“Who blew the horn in God of War?” will be answered “one day”

god of war who blew the horn

According to Santa Monica Studio’s Cory Barlog, there is a “right answer” and he will “one day…be coherent enough to actually create the moment to answer [it].”

Barlog posted multiple tweets talking about the question, debunking the popular fan theory that Kratos blew the horn from the future:

In another response, Barlog says that him implying that it was Baldur back in 2018 was “a misdirection” and that “the real answer has a clue hidden somewhere out in the world.”

god of war who blew the horn

When can fans expect a proper answer? Barlog says to “keep the faith” and “one day” fans will know the truth.

In addition to hurriedly figuring out who blew the horn, the God of War developer is currently working on “a lot of different things.”

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