God of War Photo Mode Shown Off in Pre-Launch Live Stream, Can Manipulate Kratos’s Face, Coming Soon

A couple weeks ago, we knew that there would be no God of War photo mode at launch. Cory Barlog made it clear that it would be coming in a later update if it was something that was cool and felt right. Barlog believed that other games had raised that bar with photo mode, and they wanted to make sure that it met that standard that people have come to expect from first-party Sony titles (my conspiracy theory is that photo mode was actually delayed to try to prevent too many spoilers in the early couple of weeks).

During the livestream leading up to the game’s launch, the God of War photo mode was revealed, including some images and features that you will be able to use once the feature goes live in a future update. According to Santa Monica Studio, you will be able to manipulate Kratos and Atreus’ faces by cycling through a variety of presets.

They also showed off a number of images taken using the photo mode and teased an expansive feature set that will make this feature feel right at home in the highest-rated PS4 game ever. You can get a look at some of them in the gallery below.

If you missed it, Cory Barlog released a video of himself reacting to the God of War reviews. The video was a very emotional and vulnerable moment for the God of War director as he found himself at the culmination of the last five years of his life. If you missed our review, you can read it here, but maybe you should just be playing the game instead.

God of War is available now exclusively on PS4.