New Mass Effect 3 Trailer Discusses Multiplayer Strategy For The Game’s Enemy Factions

EA and BioWare have released a new trailer for Mass Effect 3 that discusses multiplayer strategy against the game’s enemy factions.

In the trailer, ME3 Senior Combat Designer Corey Gaspur and Gameplay Designer Eric Fagnan discuss how players should approach the game’s three different enemy factions: Cerberus, Geth, and Reapers. Cerberus will take cover more and try to use smoke grenades. As a force, they generally provide slow pressure against the player, but nothing like the Reapers. Players playing as the Asari can counter the deadly Phantom unit by using Stasis. Asari aren’t as strong against Guardians or other classes, whereas humans have better tools for debuffing bigger enemies and crowd control against smaller enemies.

Geth will use Troopers to attack players while Pyros and Hunters covertly close in on the player’s location. The Geth have a very dangerous unit known as the Geth Prime, who lays down turrets and sends out combat drones. Infiltrators with Sabotage will have a real advantage against the Geth, though, as they can hack Geth platforms and get them to fight each other. On a side note, the Geth Pyro can be taken down by the fuel tank on its back, which can take out a bunch of enemies around it. Spatial awareness is important when fighting the Geth.

Reapers’ ground forces are the hardest faction of the three because of their aggression. Banshees, Brute, & Ravager just come at the player and can’t be taken out easily from cover — players will need to be on the move. The most dangerous Reaper unit is the Banshee, because she can teleport to player locations and kill players instantly. Her loud scream is the warning that she’s approaching and that players should be alert. No player should ever stay close to the Banshee — not even players using the Vanguard class.

The trailer closes with a message saying that the game has received over 40 perfect scores, followed by a Mass Effect 3 multiplayer logo.

To view “Multiplayer Strategy Trailer #1,” click on the video below:

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