We Want Your Mass Effect 3 Online Multiplayer Tips!

March 16, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

Have you been taking the fight to the enemy in Mass Effect 3‘s online multiplayer mode? If so, we need your help!

Mass Effect 3 has all of the different classes of Mass Effect 3, three different enemy factions, bonuses that can be equipped before each battle after a kit purchase, different races that can be played in the various classes, various maps, shifting objective types, and more. With all of those variables, some players have asked us for help while others are likely just looking to improve their game to be their very best. So, we’re looking for players with tips to help gamers dominate the waves of opposing forces in ME3‘s online multiplayer mode.

Have a great spot to pick off enemies on the map? Know a surefire power that’ll get rid of an annoying enemy in no time at all? What powers should gamers be focusing on building up in each class? What weapons should players be using? What mods are best for those weapons? No tip is too small, as ME3‘s online multiplayer has a number of different elements that have to be accounted for.

So, if you’ve got a tip for ensuring success in ME3‘s multiplayer in any way, please leave it in the comments below!