PlayStation Home to Have Live Dust 514 Q&A

Due to its unique ability to interface with the hugely popular PC MMO EVE Online, Dust 514 has become one the biggest games to watch for in 2012. With the ability to evolve your experience between the PS3, PC and possibly even the PS Vita later on, gamers have been questioning just what this free-to-play experience has in-store for everyone. Luckily, Sony has just announced a way that everyone will have a chance to find out just what CCP Games has been cooking up since it was first unveiled in 2008.

According to the PS Blog, at 9am PT March 22nd (12pm ET) PS3 owners will be able to view a special Keynote at the “Backstage Pass” event space in PlayStation Home. During the event, all attendees will be rewarded with an exclusive Dust 514 t-shirt for their PS Home avatar. Concluding the event, there will be a Q&A session where developers from CCP Games will be answering questions sent on Twitter using the hashtag #DUST514.

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Make sure to have some questions for the developers, and if you spot one of us running around, feel free to say hello.