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Sefton Hill: Rocksteady’s Next Game Is “Something A Bit Different” That Will “Excite People”

Rocksteady Game Director Sefton Hill has offered some mysterious hints about the studio’s next game, as well as its relationship with the Batman franchise.

IGN was at the Video Game BAFTAs, where Batman: Arkham City won for Best Action and Best Performance for Mark Hamill’s portrayal of The Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker. (Batman: AC was also a nominee for Best Game.) Hill gave the following comment to them about the studio’s next game:

For us it’s a privilege to work with Batman. It’s always been something amazing for us.

It’s great to be in such a position that we can kind of choose what we want to do next. We’ve started work on it, and it’s something pretty exciting. That’s one thing we can definitely say. We’re really excited about it.

Hill was asked about when gamers will learn more about the upcoming project. He said:

Soon. Soon. But it’s really cool, and it’s something a bit different. It’s really going to excite people.

However, Hill was also asked whether or not Arkham City was going to be Rocksteady’s last Batman game. He said:

If you know one thing about Rocksteady, we have a few surprises. So you’ll have to stay tuned.

PSLS will keep you posted on any developments regarding Rocksteady and their new game and/or the Batman franchise.

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