The Boys of Silence Join BioShock Infinite’s Cast of Heavy Hitters

If you’ve been following Irrational Games’ video series “Heavy Hitters”, which features the upcoming enemies of BioShock Infinite, then you should already be familiar with the Motorized Patriot and the Handyman. Early this morning, Ken Levine and his team released the third part in the series, debuting the Boys of Silence.

As you’ll soon see in the video below, the Boys of Silence bring a new meaning to the word creepy. With a horrifyingly misshapen mask that keeps the enemy’s face hidden, it’s the mystery behind the obscuring veil that really lends itself to the disturbing nature of one of these foes.

See for yourself in the far too brief trailer below.

Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts of this new foe. Which of the heavy hitters do you like the most thus far?

Look for BioShock Infinite when it hit store shelves on October 16th. Until then, keep it here at PlayStation LifeStyle for additional information on the game as we near its long awaited launch.