PS4 Move Controller Hinted At in Sony 2nd Party Job Listing

Several third party developers have begun work on ‘next generation console’ games as the next Xbox and PS4 draw ever nearer, but now we’ve uncovered a job listing from a 2nd Party Sony developer for the next PS console – who has exclusively created Move-only games and worked on Move R&D. Will the PS4 sport motion controls?

Developer of Move games Sports Champions and Medieval Moves, Zindagi Games describe themselves as a 2nd party studio that has “collaborated directly with Sony on the Move tech since its inception all the way through R&D and production.”

Now, a Gamasutra job listing for a Game Software Engineer at Zindagi Games states (emphasis added):

Medieval Moves joined our 2010 effort Sports Champions as one of the most successful holiday pack-ins of its release year. Sports Champions, a collection of 6 fully developed sporting events was designed and engineered to showcase the Move controller to the fullest extent of its capabilities. Not only was it a Move launch title, but it also claimed the coveted spot as THE pack-in game for North American Move bundles AND special PS3 System bundles in North America. We are now moving on and working on the next generation home console!

A listing for a Graphics Software Engineer on Zindagi’s own site also says that employees will “Work on a next-generation graphics engine”.

While the listings heavily point towards the existence of a next gen Sony console, and that developers are already working on it, they don’t explicitly mention the Move (or Move 2). However, considering Zindagi’s experience with not only Move games, but the R&D development of the motion controller – and that their site says in bold “We work with the PlayStation® Move” – it does seem to suggest that the PS4 will include motion controls.

Would you want a new Move controller, just a better Kinect-like camera, or no motion controls at all? Share your thoughts in the comments below.