Dragon’s Dogma to Appeal to Monster Hunter Fans, Will Feature Elements of Player Choice

Capcom’s got some lofty expectations for their upcoming RPG Dragon’s Dogma. In addition to hoping it sells 10 million copies, the publisher aims to capture the Monster Hunter crowd.

Why Capcom would even bother attempting to pull away Monster Hunter fans from one of their most popular series is beyond me, but it’s clear that the developer knows how to reach that market, so there could be a lot of potential for Dragon’s Dogma to do well in Japan. Speaking to Destructoid, producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi explained:

We think that Monster Hunter fans out there will like Dragon’s Dogma as well. Even though the action’s not the same, they’ll find a lot of elements, a lot of Capcom action elements, that they’ll really enjoy.

In an earlier interview with Capcom Unity, Capcom’s Haruo Murata discussed the incorporation of player choice within the game, labeling Dragon’s Dogma a “me-only experience.” Whatever that means.

In Dragon’s Dogma, there are several areas to make big and small choices (you may not even realize you made a choice at some points).

The player progresses through the story like the movement of a bow. The biggest choice you can make in this game is a very difficult one. The big climax in the latter half of the game pivots on the player’s actions up until that point (how they spent their time, what decisions they made), and forces him or her to think about how to live on.

When you get there, you don’t just feel the flow of a predetermined story, you savor the idea that someone will experience this decision.

The game is a ‘me-only experience’. Being someone that is not passive is the largest ‘choice’.

It will be interesting to see if Dragon’s Dogma manages to live up to Capcom’s high hopes when it launches this May.