New Marketing Research Projects Sony Surpassing Nintendo in Handheld Market

There’s no denying that the PlayStation Vita is one sleek piece of gaming hardware, but that doesn’t change the fact that it caters to a niche, hardcore market. Despite this fact, one market research company believes that Sony’s handheld platform will soon outpace the competition from Nintendo.

According to the report from Research and Markets, the Vita’s “multifunctional capabilities” will be a major player in the device’s success over the next five years.

We see this development as an evolution of gaming as the portable handheld gaming market, including consoles, have gone through a massive revitalization in last 10 years. The notable shift has taken place on gaming preference shifting from hard-core gamer to casual gamer. However, Mind Commerce observes that there remains a market opportunity among niche target group for portable handheld gaming devices (such as PS Vita) with multifunctional capabilities such as digital download facility PS store.

The research conducted was outlined to include:

  • Vita platform development market opportunity analysis
  • Analysis of console vs. mobile/cellular gaming marketplace
  • Vita & console gaming market projections through 2012-2017
  • Evaluation of PS Vita positioning as dedicated premium gaming device
  • Vita competitive positioning vs. smartphones, market prospects, and more

Based off of the company’s analysis, here are their findings:

  • The US will hold 60% of device market share by 2017
  • Device unit sales is expected to growth by 1358% through 2017
  • The average game unit sale is expected to reach 52.5 billion by 2017
  • Average gamers’ game units consumption is expected to reach 3 from 1.5
  • Sony will hold the market lead by 40% market share defeating Nintendo behind

Let us know whether or not you think Sony has the ability to outdo Nintendo and its widely successful DS platform in the comments below.