Mass Effect 3’s Operation: Raptor In Multiplayer This Weekend, PS3/Raptor Update Coming This Week?

BioWare has announced a special bonus for players who participate in “Operation: Raptor” in Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer mode this weekend, in addition to saying an update could be coming on PS3 version participation in the “operation” as well.

This weekend, from 5PM PST on Friday, March 30th to 5AM PST Monday, April 2nd, BioWare is challenging gamers who participate in ME3‘s multiplayer to promote at least two of their characters to become Galaxy At War assets in the single player campaign. In order to do so, gamers must level up at least two multiplayer characters to the maximum rank of Level 20. A special “Commendation Pack” in multiplayer will be awarded to all participants who promote at least two characters to Galaxy At War assets. Also, if 150,000 characters are promoted, a “Victory Pack” in multiplayer will be awarded to all users. Packs will be available for download the following week.

Currently, “operations” such as these only apply to PC and Xbox 360 gamers who have “Upload Gameplay Feedback” set to “on” in ME3‘s online options menu. PS3 users haven’t been able to participate in them. However, BioWare does say that they’re continuing to work with Sony to enable PS3 gamer participation in the “operations” and that they expect an update on Raptor and PS3 sometime this week.

If there are any updates on PS3 owners being able to participate in Operation: Raptor, PSLS will keep you posted.

ME3 owners who have PS3s: Would you like to participate in Operation: Raptor and other ME3 multiplayer operations? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: BioWare]