Journey Breaks PSN Sales Records, Quickest Selling Game on the Network

Thatgamecompany has quickly become the most beloved PSN developer, with their latest title Journey having “officially broken PlayStation Network and PlayStation Store sales records.”

According to both the US and EU PlayStation Blogs, Journey has become the “fastest-selling PSN game ever released”; a huge accomplishment for the team at TGC. Sony has yet to provide us with sales figures, so how many copies actually sold.

Unfortunately for all of you PlayStation faithfuls, Journey marks the end of the three game exclusive deal that TGC had with Sony, so whatever the company plans to create next will likely not be exclusive to the PlayStation Network. Then again, it’s great that a wider audience will be able to experience future projects from the studio.

This news comes hot-off-the-heels of another major announcement regarding thatgamecompany’s co-founder Kellee Santiago, who has announced that she is leaving to studio to head in a different direction. Perhaps she’s lining up another exclusive partnership with Sony as the head of a new dev team… Hey, you never know.

Additionally, Sony has announced that Journey’s enchanting soundtrack will be available for purchase on iTunes and the PlayStation Store starting April 11th.