Sony Claims Move is Superior to Kinect and Wii, Uses Sorcery as Evidence

There’s no arguing against the fact that Sony has pushed motion gaming by the wayside, as the PlayStation Move hasn’t seen very many titles designed for its control scheme outside of the initial batch of launch games. However, the company plans to change that with Sorcery, a title that Sony believes will prove that the Move trumps both the Kinect and Wii.

In a recent interview with IndustryGamers, Santa Monica’s creative director Brian Upton spoke to the broad appeal of Sorcery and its ability to appeal to both the hardcore and casual audiences. The game’s “depth and complexity” makes it a title that will provide just the right amount of challenge for more serious gamers, while still remaining accessible to those who just want to pick up and play.

That’s attention to detail that more serious gamers are interested in. It’s not, ‘Oh I can just button mash my way through.’ By actually mastering the system, I can feel like I’m a more powerful gamer. The fact that Move is so precise, it lets us create that very technical focused, skill-based motion control game.

He then went on to call out the competition directly, saying that what Sony is doing with Sorcery proves that the Move is “a better and different system than other motion controls that are out there”. Precision is one major strength of the Move, and a major reason that it trumps both the Kinect and the Wii; according to Upton:

It’s tighter, it’s cleaner, it’s more precise – I don’t think you could do a game like this on either Kinect or Wii. I don’t think technically they’d be able to support this kind of gameplay.

Are any of you hopeful that Sony will be able to turn things around with the Move? Who’s planning on picking up Sorcery when it launches this May? Let us know in the comments below.