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PlayStation Home: Clusterpuck, Aurora Update 1.5, and New Outfits Coming, Top 10 Best-Sellers

A new puzzle game, an update for Aurora and new outfits are all coming to PlayStation Home tomorrow.

On the PS Blog, PlayStation Home Community Manager Locust_Star announced some new additions to PlayStation Home. The first is a game called Clusterpuck that’s coming to Home from Codename (who developed Slap Happy Sam). Clusterpuck is a puzzle game that comes in arcade cabinet. It will be available for purchase for $2.99.

Also, update 1.5 is headed to the hit PlayStation Home game Aurora, which is set on a series of mysterious islands. The trailer shows that the update includes Auroralite Contraptions (which boost XP and can be found in the nDreams shop), the ability to teleport to NRAGE directly from Aurora, the continuation of the world’s bizarre history with “Teller of Tales,” the OMG Trap-O-Matic (which, when set daily, can catch active items, a companion, a full body outfit, and an apartment), and the Five Leaf Clovered Clover Seat (which will increase a player’s chances of winning). The next addition to Aurora is called “Cloudhunter” and is teased to be “coming soon.”

PlayStation Home users can look forward to new clothing coming to Home for the spring season, including Billabong and additions to the Delirious Squid clothing line. Also, new gifts for the Lockwood Gift Machine are coming, and Lockwood title The Baron’s Eggcellent Plan will return.

In PlayStation Home Community Theater, gamers can look forward to the Homecast, which looks at some of the newest PS Home content. The content examined includes: the MiniBots: BattleBox collection, Granzella’s Southern Island Getaway updates, and a look at the space for PSN hit Journey (which has features taken directly from the game). Also, Hip Hop Gamer will take a look at EA’s newest installment in the SSX series.

Finally, for those looking for quests, new quests will be available for The Tester Season 3 and Spring Fling on the Activity Board that will reward players with exclusive virtual items.

Sony also released the Top 10 Best Sellers in PlayStation Home for March 2012:

#1) Digital Leisure Inc. – 500 Chips

#2) Lockwood Publishing – Lockwood Token Pack – 80

#3) Mass Media Inc. – The Green Ticket

#4) Lockwood Publishing – Lockwood Token Pack – 480

#5) Sony Computer Entertainment America – Freestyle Dancefloor

#6) Sony Computer Entertainment America – The Stick Up Kid Gold Guns & Tie

#7) Digital Leisure Inc. – 5,000 Chips

#8) Digital Leisure Inc. – Old West Saloon

#9) Sony Computer Entertainment America – The Stick Up Kid Gangster Skinny Jeans

#10) Sony Computer Entertainment America – Check Black Shirt and Tattoo (Male)

To view the Clusterpuck trailer, click on the video below:

To view the Aurora Update 1.5 trailer, click on the video below:

To view the “Delirious Squid Spring Update,” click on the video below:

To view images of the Billabong clothing and items from the Lockwood Store, click on the Media Gallery below:

What do you think of the new additions to PlayStation Home? Let us know in the comments below!