Firmware v1.66 Now Live for PS Vita Users

Yesterday, the Vita’s v1.65 firmware update was pulled due to a “technical fault”, but it looks like everything has been fixed, as a new and improved v1.66 is now available for download.

Aside from the technical issues with v1.65, this new update brings the same changes that were supposed to be available yesterday. The added features include:

  • Power save settings will allow an “After 10 minutes” option
  • Caps lock supported added to the on-screen keyboard
  • An added arrow icon appears when the system finds new activities in the LiveArea
  • A “Notification Alert” option added to Settings, so alerts can be switched on or off

While these updates don’t seem like much, all of the little added changes will go a long way as Sony continues to build upon the infrastructure of the Vita’s OS. Let’s just hope that they’ve managed to resolve all of the “technical faults” this time around.