Hirai to Announce New Plan to Get Sony Back on its Feet Next Week

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Sony’s newly appointed President and CEO Kaz Hirai will be making some major announcements next week, as his quest to turn Sony around begins to take flight.

Those that have been following the company over the past couple of years are likely well aware of the fact that Sony Corp. hasn’t been doing well financially. With net losses during Q3 in the billions as many branches of the company continue to underperform, Sony plans to shift its focus to more profitable sectors, namely gaming and digital imaging.

Next Thursday, Hirai plans to announce his strategy for getting the company back on track. The presentation will be available to stream live in audio form here. You can be sure that we here at PlayStation LifeStyle will keep you updated on any major announcements.

Will Hirai be able to pull Sony out of the gargantuan hole it has dug for itself over the past couple of years? Let us know what you think in the comments below.