PSLS Fan Art PS4/Orbis Challenge – Win 3 Awesome Prizes!

After the incredible success of the first PSLS Fan Art competition, we’ve returned, and this time we’re setting a challenge – can you make the best PS4/Orbis concept image? Plus, we’ll be giving contestants some truly incredible prizes – including a random prize just for participating.

To enter, all you have to do is send a picture of the art along with the name/pseudonym you want to be published as and address you want your prize to go to, to [email protected] before midday EST on Monday 9th of April.

Some rules:

  • Any style or type of art goes – drawings, photoshops, play-doh creations etc
  • Don’t include inappropriate content – sexism, racism, crudely explicit images etc
  • Only send images you made, or have permission of the content owner
  • The higher resolution the better (within reason)
  • Use recognized common file formats we can actually open (no dhssc.phpz4)
  • A maximum of two entries per person. If you have more pics, save them until after the competition and then send them to us – you never know what we might give you!
  • Include the name you want to be published as in the email
  • Include the address you want the prize to go to

The theme of the competition is PS4 concept images, but feel free to expand on the idea and have some fun. We’re not just looking for awesomely drawn art, but also humorous images or sculptures, or something completely different from the norm.

So, what can you win?

After the submission time is closed, we’ll pick the top five or so images and post them here for you to vote. The top two winners will receive either $20 on PSN (US PSN, but winners can be from anywhere) or this awesome super, super, super limited edition scarf from Journey (US only):

But that’s not all. We’re also giving away a random prize to a US resident who simply takes part. As long as your drawing isn’t just a line on a piece of paper, you’ll be entered into a raffle where the winner gets a secret special Sony prize.

To get you in the mood, and maybe give you some ideas, the PSLS staff will be holding our own competition this Friday (like we did last time), so stay tuned for some terrible pictures!