Ubisoft Being Sued by Guitar Apprentice for Infringement Over Rocksmith Tech

Guitar Apprentice has sued Rocksmith developer Ubisoft over patent infringement which they are claiming violates USP 8,119,896. This patent, for a “media system and method of progressive musical instruction” was filed by the company back in October of 2010.

The company’s patent describes their functional concept in the following manner:

A method is provided for progressive musical instruction using a media system with processor-executable software modules storing musical performances each having a plurality of segments.

This isn’t the first time that Ubisoft has faced legal action in response to their game Rocksmith, as the UK band “Rocksmith” is currently in a legal dispute with the developer over the rights to the name.

While Rocksmith differentiates itself from games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band by taking a much more instructional approach, does the industry really need any more music rhythm games? Is the next evolution of the concept computerized lessons? Share your thoughts in the comments below.