Gaikai Sued by T5 Labs Over Alleged Patent Infringement

Gaikai is being taken to court by the rather small cloud company T5 Labs over the tech powering its game streaming services, saying that Gaikai “committed and continues to commit acts of infringement”. Filed last week, T5 Labs alleges infringements on a patent for “Sharing a Graphical Processing Unit Between a Plurality of Programs.” The lawsuit states:

Gaikai actively, knowingly and intentionally induces infringement of the patent by making, using, offering for sale and selling use of Gaikai’s GPU cloud with the knowledge that its customers and end users will use the Gaikai GPU cloud and with the knowledge and the specific intent to encourage and facilitate the infringing sales and uses of Gaikai’s GPU cloud through the creation and dissemination of promotional and marketing materials, instruction manuals, product manuals and technical materials.

T5 Labs’ patent was filed last November, adding to a series of patents dating back to 2002. T5 Labs is seeking an unspecified amount in damages. They also previously looked into suing OnLive but took no action. Of course, with OnLive going bankrupt, and Sony buying Gaikai for $380 million, the latter makes more sense to sue for financial gain.

OnLive’s patents were apparently set to be used to “sue the shit” out of Gaikai before their bankruptcy, and now new owner Lauder Partners has said that they plan to monetize the patents, making us wonder just how long it’ll be before OnLive joins the fray.