Better Business Bureau Blogger: BioWare Did Falsely Advertise Mass Effect 3

A blogger for the Better Business Bureau claims that, technically, BioWare did falsely advertise Mass Effect 3.

Marjorie Stephens, a Better Business Bureau blogger, claims that BioWare did falsely advertise the game. Stephens refers to two statements in particular that were made on the official Mass Effect web site:

  • “Experience the beginning, middle, and end of an emotional story unlike any other, where the decisions you make completely shape your experience and outcome.”
  • “Along the way, your choices drive powerful outcomes, including relationships with key characters, the fate of entire civilizations, and even radically different ending scenarios.”

Stephens says that the problem is that BioWare spoke in absolutes in the first statement in reference to decisions — “the decisions you make completely shape your experience and outcome.” Stephens says that the statement contains no indecision and is an absolute.

Stephens says that the second statement is not as absolute, as it says that choices “drive powerful outcomes,” and that a consumer would have to be careful in their analysis to conclude that the game’s outcome isn’t “wholly” determined by player choice. Stephens also does note that the second statement is “very subject to interpretation.”

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