Sony Confirms Job Cuts, Placing Larger Emphasis on Games Division Going Forward

As reports suggested earlier this week, Sony will be making massive cuts this year in an effort to refocus the company and pull it out of its current financial state.

Sony Corp. CEO, Kaz Hirai discussed his restructuring plan earlier today, making it clear that the company will be taking a much more focused approached going forward, with a primary emphasis on games, mobile and digital imaging. Hirai believes that Sony will find the most success by investing the bulk of their resources into these three pillars, confirming that they plan “to generate approximately 70% of total sales and 85% of operating income for the entire electronics business from these categories by FY14.”

Hirai also went on to talk about its gaming division in particular, pointing out the importance in building up the PlayStation Network through digital content.

The Company also aims to increase sales by enriching its catalog of downloadable game titles and subscription services available through the PSN platform, and also by expanding the lineup of PlayStation Suite compatible devices and content.

He went on to express his confidence in the PlayStation brand, saying that  by 2014 “Sony will target game business sales of one trillion yen and operating income margin of 8%.”

While the growing pains are sure to be painful, it looks like Sony finally has a solid plan that will lead them to a profitable future.