Scarlet Red PlayStation 3 Slim 320GB Coming to the UK

UK gamers rejoice, Sony is bringing out a completely red PlayStation 3.

Originally exclusive to Japan, the PS3 and accompanying DualShock 3 controller(s) looks pretty different to the standard PS3 Slim console:

The consoles comes with a 320GB HDD and a “Scarlet Red” DualShock 3 Wireless Controller, and comes out on April 27th on Amazon. It’s priced at £249.99 – around $327. Back when Japan received the red PS3, they also released a blue version, so perhaps if this does well, Sony will bring the blue console to the UK too.

Sadly, there’s no word on a US release, but here’s hoping it does come out globally, as it would be the perfect compliment to God of War IV.

What do you think about the red console? Share your thoughts in the comments below.