PSLS Fan Art Finalists, Vote Now! [Update: Winners!]

Update: And the top winner is… GAM3R_16, who wins the much, much coveted Journey scarf! Coming in second is Ariana, who wins $20 on PSN! Stay tuned to PSLS for another fan art competition very soon, and a giveaway tomorrow.

Original story:

We’ve picked the top five PS4 Fan Art entries, but only two can win! Vote below for your favorite and let us know why in the comments below.

Daniel Pauna starts off the top 5 list with a cool glowing, curved PS4:

GAM3R_16 enters with an awesome multi-colored Orbis concept:

Eduardo hand draws a talking PS4, as well as a sad PS3 in the background:

Ariana creates a real-life PS4, but does it play used games?

And Pleasance13 creates a video of his concept:

So which was the best? Vote now!

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