Dust 514 Developer Teases Added Vita Controls

Dust 514 developer CCP is launching their ambitious shooter later this year and may be including Vita controls.

In the latest episode of the Official PS Blogcast, CCP’s David Reid discussed what gamers can expect from Dust 514, hinting that those with a Vita may be getting an extra bonus.

Once you get your hands on the Vita, you can imagine it as a controller for your Dust experience. Suddenly you can think about all the things you can do with that screen.

With the tablet-based Wii U set to launch later this year, the inter-connectivity between the Vita and PS3 may be able to pack a strong enough punch to suck some of the wind from Nintendo sails. While it looks like CCP is still just working with the possibility of these added features, there’s definitely a lot of potential here.

Our first steps will be cohort apps – the idea of taking a certain amount of the [game’s] admin on the go. But the opportunity is massive in terms of what could be on that screen while you’re playing Dust 514.

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