PlayStation 3 Exclusive Dust 514 is Now a “Profitable Business” for CCP Games

Despite mixed reviews and several shortcomings, CCP Games’ PlayStation 3 exclusive free-to-play title, Dust 514, has become a profitable business for the company. This news was confirmed by CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson in an interview with Polygon. 

According to Pétursson, much has changed over the past year, and Dust 514 is in a better state now than ever. He said:

I’m rather inspired how much [the Dust team] has been able to do by really focusing on the right things, and the game is in a much better state now than it has been, frankly, ever. And that’s kind of amazing this late in the cycle of the PlayStation 3. I’m a little surprised and inspired where the game is, to be honest.

When asked what changed over the past year, he explained:

Eight updates, super talented, and motivated and focused team, and the fact that we sit here a year later and the game is profitable. That’s what changed.

Pétursson went on to say that although the PS3 is nearing the end of its life cycle, Dust 514 is still getting a lot of new players every day. He acknowledged that the PS3 audience hasn’t been fully captured, revealing that the game still gets “thousands” of new players daily. 

CCP Games is currently looking into options for the future of the game, but has nothing to announce yet.

Are any of our readers still playing Dust 514?

[Source: Polygon]