Big PS5 Exclusive Coming Late 2024 as Sony Promises More First-Party Games

PlayStation Confirms First-Party Game for 2024, Promises More Exclusives

Following reports that Sony Interactive Entertainment has some first-party games lined up for 2024, the company has confirmed at least one PS5 exclusive for this year: Concord. Announcing its financial results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2024 today, Sony also pledged to enhance PlayStation Studios output alongside increasing PC releases.

Sony rumored to have several PS5 exclusive games still in store for 2024

Developed by Firewalk Studios, which Sony acquired in 2023, Concord is a live service PS5 and PC multiplayer shooter. Like Helldivers 2, it’ll launch day-and-date on both platforms. In the earnings call today, SIE chairman Hiroki Totoki confirmed that Concord is scheduled to release in 2024.

In the same presentation, Totoki reaffirmed Sony’s commitment to increasing PlayStation Studios output. “We are aiming to grow sales of first-party software, which we have been actively strengthening in recent years, and by doing so, we plan to achieve a new record high in profits in this segment,” Totoki said, adding that PlayStation will adopt a “two-pronged approach of expanding into PCs and enhancing the first-party software titles originating from our in-house studios into which we have invested.”

The two-pronged approach is more important now than ever, as Sony noted that Helldivers 2 smashed expectations and has sold over 12 million units across PS5 and PC.

Rumor has it that Sony has “smaller” first-party games scheduled for release in 2024, including an unannounced Astro Bot game.