Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Trailer, Screenshots, Art, & Box Art Released

Namco Bandai has released a bunch of new media for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which includes a new trailer, screenshots, art, and box art for the game.

The trailer is a blend of CG and gameplay. It includes glimpses of the following fighters: Alisa, Asuka, Jin, Hwoarang, Bryan Fury, Law (unclear if it’s Forest or Marshall), Jinpachi, Lars, Eddy, Lee, Lili, Xiaoyu, Ganryu, Heihachi, Armor King, Marduk, Kuma, Nina, Jaycee, Anna, Christie, and more.

The art released shows Jin, Jun, Kazuya, Heihachi, and Combot.

Finally, Namco Bandai also released new box art for the game, which can be seen in the Media Gallery below.

To view the new trailer, click on the video below:

To view the screenshots, art, and box art, click on the Media Gallery below:

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is scheduled to release this September for PS3 & Xbox 360.