New Map, Mode, & Foreign Language Voices Coming Via Free Update To Gotham City Impostors

Free content is coming to Gotham City Impostors via an upcoming update that will add a new map, a new mode, and new foreign languages to the game.

The new map is coming with the update is called “The East End,” which provides an urban-style environment. The new mode is called “Bounty Hunter,” a Team Deathmatch variant that sees dead players dropping coins (the bounty), which provide players who pick them up with a damage boost bonus. Players who collect enemy bounties will score points for their team. Also, players can kill their teammates to prevent enemies from picking up bounties and scoring points.

New foreign language voices are being added to the game as well, with the trailer showing French, German, Italian, and Spanish as selectable language voices for player characters.

No timeframe for the update was provided in the trailer.

To view the trailer for the new content, click on the video below:

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