Windjammers 2 Free Update

Windjammers 2 Free Update Brings New Characters & Crossplay

Windjammers 2 is getting a new free update today that will add exciting new content to the 2022 Dotemu flying disc game.

Today’s major update includes two new playable characters — the android Jamma GX03 and the powerful Anna Szalinski — as well as a How to Play mode and a Practice mode. Additionally, online lobbies were implemented in the update alongside the long-awaited feature of full crossplay, allowing players across any platforms to play with one another. To celebrate the new update, Windjammers 2 is on sale for 50% off until October 25 with a PlayStation Plus subscription and through Steam and the Nintendo eShop.

Check out the Windjammers 2 free update trailer on YouTube below to see the new content:

Jamma is described as “an android whose well-balanced power and speed can rival the best on the court. Major sponsor Todemu created Jamma GX03 to combat a drop in audience numbers, but in doing so their creation promises to herald a new era of competition in the prestigious windjamming sport and she’s already showing promise as a fan-favorite.”

On the other hand, Anna is described as, “an orphan who grew up in the circus before running away. Honing her skills as a slower but extremely powerful weightlifter, she is determined to win the cup and use her newfound position in order to defend animals and take revenge on the circuses who mistreat them.”

What did Dotemu say about today’s Windjammers 2 update?

“After Windjammers 2’s launch and the great support from the community, we wanted to give back and continue to support the players by adding the content that everyone has been asking for,” Cyrille Imbert, CEO of Dotemu stated. “It took more time than expected, but despite the difficulties encountered, we did not give up and finally managed to provide what the players had been asking for to enjoy the competitive aspect of the game to its fullest. With this completely free update, we’re also delighted to add two new unique characters for the community to try out new strategies with.”