Risen 2: Dark Waters Delayed on Consoles

It seems Risen 2: Dark Waters‘ launch trailer was revealed a bit prematurely. Publisher Deep Silver has announced that Piranha Bytes’ action role-playing game has been delayed on consoles.

Both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the pirate-inspired semi-open world sequel will see a pushed back release into the summer.

North American retailers will stock the game come July 31st. European territories, meanwhile, will receive Risen 2 on August 3rd. The PC release, however, remains intact and will meet its April 27th release date.

In order to make up for the delay, the console versions of Risen 2: Dark Waters will deliver extra content via an episode entitled “The Air Temple”. It’ll offer several hours of gameplay and sees the hero trying to discover a lost temple, which is the source of air magic. During the episode, the hero is required to trail an old friend, Eldric, who will lead to Storm Island, which is where the Air Temple is situated.