Official Call of Duty Site Teasing May 1st World Reveal, New Black Ops Title?

The official Call of Duty site is counting down to a “world reveal” of a new COD installment. Is it a new Black Ops title?

The official site for FPS franchise Call of Duty is counting down to a May 1st reveal during the NBA Playoffs on TNT.

Also, Gamedemption spotted mentions of “Black Ops” in the meta description contained in the page’s source code but no Modern Warfare, which may seem to point to the game reveal being for a new installment in the Call of Duty: Black Ops series.

Interestingly enough, the site update follows just days after an alleged poster emerged with the Activision and Treyarch logos on it, alongside a May 2nd date and a message to “Return For Debriefing.”

To view the site’s teaser image, see the image below:

Whatever the reveal actually happens to be, stay tuned to PSLS for all of the latest updates.

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