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Apparent Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Promotional Poster Points At May 2nd Reveal

Logic and looking a past trends suggest that this year’s COD will be Black Ops 2, as do previous rumors. Once again, another rumor has pointed at BO2 being the next COD game, with this rumor suggesting a May 2nd reveal.

A “retail source” apparently forwarded the following image from a poster, claims Kotaku:

The image saying “return” suggests a sequel rather than a new title, and the date is likely some kind of reveal. Interestingly, a previous rumor hinted at an April 28th reveal, and seems more plausible as it was taken directly from the COD website. Of course, it’s possible that a teaser will be revealed on the 28th, and then more in May.

As expected, Activision declined to comment on the image, Call of Duty or Black Ops 2.

Be sure to tune into PSLS on April 28th and May 2nd to find out if any of the rumors do turn out to be true.