POWERon 2nd Edition: Innovation [Webcomic]

Good news everyone! It’s already time for another episode of POWERon, the PSLS exclusive webcomic! After tackling the subject of KickStarter and Call of Duty last week, we turn our attention to the hottest subject in the industry at the moment. Read on!

Dan –

All joking aside, it is too easy to blame companies like Sony, EA, and Activision for trying to capitalize on the momentum that certain games develop. For an industry that is purely supported by its consumers want, as opposed to an actual need. We must realize that we control the direction this budding industry takes. If we choose to invest billions of dollars into the next Call of Duty, or Madden NFL game and not spread it into unique experiences like Journey. We are decisively choosing to perpetuate the cycle away from innovation.

Sebastian –

I’m a frequent offender of this. I criticize the lack of innovation in the industry, but am always first in line for COD, MOH and BF3. I’ll probably be first to buy All-Stars too. Sorry industry.

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