Sony PSN Patent Will Help Choose Your Friends For You

Don’t have enough PSN friends that share your love of certain games? Don’t worry, a Sony patent might be able to help you make a new BFF.

The patent which PSLS has discovered was only just published, but was originally filed back in late 2010. Titled ‘Online Process For Recommending Friends Based on Game Playing Habits’, the patent aims to recommend “game-playing friends based on a game player’s habits for playing online games which promotes better playing experience for the game player.”

The patent includes a system that uses “a complex event engine” that is “operating to process information including the list of players and the collected playing habits data to select a subset of the game players matching a set number of criteria including playing habits that are similar or complementary.”

It’s an interesting idea, and one that could be welcome to those that don’t have many friends that play similar games to them. Of course, if the engine analyzes your personality and game habits and starts trying to pair you with Bobby Kotick as a similar match, you might not be so fond of the system.

Of course, this is simply a patent, and doesn’t mean it will ever become a reality. But if Sony did unveil a ‘PlayStation Friend Finder’ would you use it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.