Special Effects Studio Leaks First Alleged In-Game Screens of Black Ops 2

Just a couple of days ago, Activision teased its next Call of Duty title with an image of a semi-futuristic attack drone that linked viewers to a YouTube video teasing the device. Now it looks like the special effects team behind the clip has leaked additional images of what appear to be in-game footage.

Reel EFX, the team behind the Quadrotor video leaked the following three images (see gallery below), which are supposedly taken from actual Black Ops 2 in-game footage where the device is being used. Naturally, the images were pulled immediately, but not before MP1ST managed to save them.

Since “the technology in this baby isn’t going to be out there for at least another decade,” speculation has begun swirling around that this next Call of Duty – can we please just call it Black Ops 2 already? – is set sometime in the not so distant future.

Expect to find out more about where the franchise is headed when the game is officially unveiled on May 1st.