Vita Sales Plummet in Europe, Being Outsold by PSP

While things are looking bright for the PlayStation 3, the same can’t be said for Sony’s counterpart handheld. Vita sales in Europe are reportedly quite abysmal, with both the PSP currently outselling the device.

As you can see in graph below, Vita sales in Europe dropped drastically not long after the system’s launch. Note: the data was taken from Nintendo’s yearly financial briefing.

Could this be a sign of tough times to come for the PlayStation Vita? While the system saw an impressive initial spike in sales, Sony has clearly failed to keep the momentum going in the European market. Not only that, but that fact that the PSP is currently pushing more units is downright embarrassing.

We’re only one month away from E3 and Sony has already announced two major PS3 exclusives before the show. If I were a betting man, I’d say that they are trying to free up space during their press conference so they can dedicate a healthy chunk of the show to the Vita. At this point, they better have an ace up their sleeve, otherwise the Vita is going to continue to suffer from poor sales.