Vita Sales Continue to Lose Steam in Japan, 44 Units Less Than Prior Week’s Record Low

Sony’s powerful little handheld hasn’t been doing all that well in Japan, with sales continuing to decline week after week.

Right out of the gate, the Vita launched with quite an impressive lineup of games, but since that initial window, we haven’t seen a whole lot of compelling software to push sales of the system much further. Data from last week indicates that the Vita’s sales have hit a new record low, slipping from 8,250 to a measly 8,206 units.

Meanwhile, Nintendo’s 3DS is selling like crazy, with last week’s numbers totaling in at 84,760 units. There’s no doubt that poor Vita sales can in part be attributed to the fact that Capcom still hasn’t brought a Monster Hunter title to the platform, but Sony is going to need more than one title if they hope to compete in a market currently dominated by Nintendo.

If for whatever reason you’ve been holding out on purchasing a PS Vita, let us know what Sony would have to do to sell you on the device in the comments below.