PlayStation 5 Moved 118,000 Units in Japan During First Four Days

In its first four days on the Japanese market, PlayStation 5 managed to shift 118,000 units. This is a considerable drop when comparing PS4’s 322,000 units sold during the same period. However, it is worth noting that the new console did sell out in the region. As such, it’s possible that a greater number of consoles would’ve been moved had more stock been available to purchase.

The 118,000 units sold number comes courtesy of Japanese magazine Famitsu. According to the publication’s report, 88 percent of PS5 sales were for the SKU with a Blu-ray disc drive. The other 12 percent, of course, went to the console’s disc-less Digital Edition. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales performed the best in terms of software, selling 18,640 copies. Sales for Bluepoint’s Demon’s Souls remake follow close behind with 18,607 units sold.

These numbers may seem soft, but, again, limited stock likely affected sales. And it can’t be forgotten how home console sales in the region as a whole are steadily declining. That Nintendo dominates much of that area of the market is worth mentioning, too.

Famitsu shared Xbox Series X|S numbers, as well. Microsoft’s two new consoles have sold a combined 21, 000 units, thus far. As of writing, the publication hasn’t specified figures for each individual SKU.

Microsoft revealed it moved over one million new Xbox consoles worldwide in its first day, a record for the manufacturer. However, Sony remains silent about PS5’s sales numbers. The company could be waiting until after the new hardware hits stores in more regions. This especially seems a sound argument given that the European launch rolls out tomorrow, November 19th. With that in mind, Sony may begin sharing its on next-gen successes soon.

[Source: Famitsu via VG247]